Fundraiser Info

Roaming Paintress - as a privately owned and operated studio - has hosted over 200 fundraising events for local organizations since 2014, with donations totaling $200,000 and counting!

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- Minimum of 10 guests to book a Local (within 30 minutes of the Ravena area)

 Fundraising Event.

- We have a maximum of 100 guests to travel if you are able to provide the venue, adequate table space (roughly 2-3 ft per guest) and chairs

For example: the average 6ft folding table can accommodate 4 guests comfortably, 2 per side

Choose one of the following options available for the event:


Option 1: 16x20 Canvas - 2-2.5 hour instruction -

Local Travel: $35 per guest


Option 2: 11x14 Canvas - 1-1.5 hour instruction -

Local Travel: $30 per guest 


Donation: $10 from each ticket sold will be donated back to the organization for options 1 and 2. This donation is already included in the pricing above 


Option 3: 8x10 Canvas - 45 min - 1 Hour instruction - 15 Guest Minimum - This option is geared towards kids paintings and school functions

Local Travel: $15 per guest

Donation: $5 from each ticket sold will be donated back to the organization for option 3. This donation is already included in the pricing above

- If you would like to raise additional funds we suggest offering raffles such as 50/50 and raffle prizes. This has always seemed to go over well, even with guests that don't necessarily want to paint but would like to donate to the cause

* Book Your Event

- Available dates + times are released on the 1st of every month! Please note: We typically do not book events more than 60 days ahead of time. All dates are first come first serve

- Click on 'AVAILABILITY + BOOKING' in the website menu to choose your date, time and submit deposit to reserve your date with Credit or Debit card. You will receive confirmation when your transaction goes through

We will be in contact to chat before the event! 

- Choose your canvas painting from the 'Painting Options Gallery' in the website menu or request a custom painting to be created for an additional $25

* Booking Deposit + Guest Payment

- $50 Deposit required to reserve and book a date. This deposit becomes non-refundable/ non-transferable within 10 days of the reserved date

- Ticket sales are highly suggested prior to the event, as this is the only way to guarantee a proper guest count.  We have 2 suggested options:

1. The organization sells tickets/collects guest payment. Please remember we accept Cash payments only the day of the event

2. We can set up a registration link on our website for each guest to reserve their seat with $10 deposit if you choose. The balance can be paid in Cash Only at the event - Personal checks are not accepted

- Total guest count will be needed 2 days before the event so we can purchase and prepare supplies  **We can not accept additional walk-ins the day of the event**


What's Included?

- We provide everything needed for the painting party including set up/break down, tabletop easels, brushes, paints, brush cups, aprons and instruction

Party host/guests are responsible for providing adequate space for each guest, excellent lighting, a water source for brush cups, food, snacks and beverages of choice 

- Folding tables + stools for 20 people may be provided for a traveling event for an additional

$25 set up fee - We will need to know in advance if this set up will be needed

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